JB Doors & Windows specializes in residential repairs of Andersen® Windows and Patio Doors. If you have rotten sash, sill or frame on a window or door, it is not necessary to replace the entire window or door. You can always call JB Doors & Windows to repair your Andersen® Window or Patio Door. Repairs include sliding patio doors, window mechanisms, balancers, tracks and hardware. We also provide weather-stripping and caulking services. In addition to Andersen®, we can repair all America’s top window and door brands.

A window or door in need of repair can be the culprit behind many problems, including high energy bills and water infiltration. Let our experts handle the problem; no repair is too small or too large for us to handle. Whether a frame or sill is rotted, window pane is cracked, screen is damaged, windows aren’t insulated properly, hardware is broken, or you need a full replacement, our team of trained professionals can get it done fast and done right the first time.

Broken Glass

Cracked or broken glass is dangerous and effects the climate comfort in your home. Call JB Doors & Windows to repair your Anderson Window.

Damaged Operators

Broken arms, cranks or operator parts on casement windows will limit function. We can repair them in no time!

Door Rollers

If your gliding patio door sticks or takes force to open, you may need service to the roller mechanisms.

Thumb Latches

Serving as window or door locks, repairing a broken or sticking thumb latch will add security to your home.

Foggy Glass

Foggy glass may be a sign of failing glazing beads or seals on windows and doors. We can repair this issue.


In need of new window or door hardware due to age or wear? We can get them working like new.

Call JB Doors & Windows today at 219.671.2177 for an estimate on repairing your windows or doors.